How Evergreen Can Help

Oil Rig Off the Coast of AlaskaIf you need assistance with any aspect of pipeline compliance not covered here, please contact us to discuss.


Agency Audit Preparation
Evergreen Compliance Systems has extensive experience in preparing for PHMSA or ADEC pipeline audits. We can help compile documentation, close identified gaps, update manuals and procedures as required, as well as assist during the audit if needed.


Evergreen personnel have prepared for and conducted over 50 agency audits in Alaska. This work has been for both PHMSA and ADEC pipeline programs, and concluded with no violations or penalties being issued as a result of the audits.


Program Development
Evergreen Compliance Systems can review existing program manuals and procedures or develop new if none currently exists. We will review requirements applicable to your specific assets and tailor procedures to be fit for purpose to your operations.


Gap Assessment
Evergreen Compliance Systems can conduct an internal audit of required programs and identify what is working well, areas needing improvement, and areas yet to be developed. This effort allows operators to focus on areas most needing improvement first and then continue to improve programs systematically over time.


Enforcement and Audit Finding Response
Evergreen Compliance Systems can assist with responding to formal agency enforcement letters, as well as closing out general audit findings. We are skilled in identifying actions needed to close out enforcement actions, as well as drafting agency response letters.


Assurance Process
Evergreen Compliance Systems has experience in conducting program effectiveness reviews, developing areas for improvement and implementing improvements to integrate them back into existing programs. We also are available to assist with development of Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) per API RP 1173. Implementation of PSMS is not mandated by PHMSA at this time, but movement toward this has been made a clear expectation by the agency and will likely as some time in the future become a requirement. Most importantly, implementation of PSMS is a useful, scalable tool to ensure operators are prioritizing pipeline safety program elements and improving incrementally over time.


Public Awareness/Damage Prevention Program Specialists
Evergreen Compliance Systems has extensive experience in the development, implementation and improvement of Public Awareness/Damage Prevention (PA/DP) programs required by PHMSA. While these programs are required by PHMSA and other agencies, the focus is consistent with good business practices to protect valuable assets from damage and personnel and the public from harm. PA/DP programs are an area of focus for agencies, as excavation damage continues to be a leading cause of pipeline incidents. This is an area of great interest to Evergreen Compliance Systems and we’d be happy to assist operators with improving their PA/DP programs.